Success Stories

Success Stories

<h3>JIFAN GAO</h3>

Maldives Micro-grid Projects

Location: 27 islands in Maldives

Completed: Feb. 2018

Owner: Ministry Environment and Energy

Project Member: TrinaBESS

Type B: PV / Diesel / Grid support battery system

Type C: PV / Diesel / Grid forming battery system

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Bunnings Warehouse Commercial Application Project

Location: Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia

Completed: July 2018

Owner: Bunnings Warehouse

System Integrator: TrinaBESS

System Size: PV 375 kW + BESS 560 kWh

EPC: Smart Commercial Solar

Estimated Annual Kilowatt Hours Saved: 560 MWh

Estimated Annual Saving: AUD 180,000

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<h3>JIFAN GAO</h3>
<h3>JIFAN GAO</h3>

Mauritania Micro-grid Project

Location: Nouakchott, Mauritania

Completed: Mar. 2017

Owner: DAMANE Assurances SA 

Project Designer and Installer: TrinaBESS

System Size: PV 40 kW + BESS 320 kWh + Diesel 415 kVA

Electricity Saved Annually: 84,096 kWh

Estimated Annual Saving: $US 56,000

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North America Residential Projects

Location: Puerto Rico

Project size:5 kW / 12 kWh BESS

Product: S Series

Completed: Jun. 2018

<h3>JIFAN GAO</h3>
<h3>JIFAN GAO</h3>

Europe Residential Project

Location: Teublitz, Germany

Project size:5.2 kW / 6 kWh BESS + 12 kW PV

Product: T series

Completed: Jul. 2017

Japan Residential Projects

Product Model: F6515A, F3215A

Battery: Li-ion

ESS Power / Capacity: 1.5 kW / 3.2 kWh, 1.5 kW / 6.5 kWh

Completed: 2016

Project Location: Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kumamoto 


<h3>JIFAN GAO</h3>
<h3>JIFAN GAO</h3>

Australia Residential Projects

Location: VICTORIA / Adelaide, South Australia

Completed: May 2017

Products: PowerCube + PowerBox

System Size: existing PV with SMA inverter + PowerCube 

Estimated annual saving per system: AUD$900 - 1,100    

TrinaBESS Containerized ESS Project

Product Model: TrinaMega

Battery: Li-ion

ESS Power / Capacity: 500 kW / 500 kWh

Dimension: 12,196 x 2,438 x 2,591 mm (L x W x H)

Completed: 2015

Weight: 22 t

Project Location: Changzhou, Jiangsu Province

<h3>JIFAN GAO</h3>