TrinaBESS is the energy storage company of Trina Solar, the global leader of PV total solutions.

TrinaBESS technology is unique in its flexibility for end users, with power and capacity scalability. Large scale customized solutions for the various market requirements are also available. Our products combine affordability and strong reliability through its long lifespan, safety and excellent performance. From 3 kWh to multi-MWh, TrinaBESS has the solution to fit.

Comprised of storage batteries and control units to manage charging and discharging, TrinaBESS is suitable for a wide range of applications from Residential Energy Storage and Community Energy Storage all the way to Utility scale storage. Our unique energy management system, can control systems with over 1,000 batteries totalling over 2 MWh working together in harmony.

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Maldives Micro-grid Projects

According to the different energy demand of 27 islands in Maldives, TrinaBESS designs different capacity for power system specific applications. The micro-grid system has allowed alternatives to residents who had previously relied on the island's single-mode power supply.

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Bunnings Warehouse Commercial Application Project

Located in the desert, Alice Spring requires a high level of reliability on the energy storage system. TrinaBESS’s customized solutions can help customer transform existing 100 kW PV system to integrate with the newly added PV + BESS system to maximize customer’s investments.

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Mauritania Micro-grid Project

One of the largest micro-grid energy storage systems in Nouakchott, Mauritania. This project generate approximately 84,096 kWh and save approximately USD 56,000 annually.

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Australia Residential Projects

The PowerCube 2.0 is designed as a wall-mounted unit with outdoor protection rating and works well with new and existing solar installations. Thanks to the smart installation method, labor and components cost are saved for Australian home-owners

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